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About The Open World Technology Group (TOWTG)

The 2020 Global Pandemic has highlighted the necessity to achieve the highest level of cleanliness within our built enviromnents whilst ensuring that we are protecting both our people and our planet for the future

Studies have shown that air pollution particles harbour microbes and that pollution is likely to carry viruses causing the spreading of dangerous illnesses, viruses and infections . Good air quality is not only important for healthy lungs, but also healthy sleep which in turn, promotes a healthy immune system because regular use of harsh disinfecting products can weaken the immune system

The Open World Technology Group (TOWTG) was founded in the UK with a singular mission to use forward-thinking and state of the art technology together with sustainable products to deliver safe air and safe environments for public reassurance and to fight climate change using sustainable products, science and technology for a better world


Saad Audeh

Mike Reeves

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