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The Open World Technology Group is designed to deliver safe and sanitised world class facilities to the global workplace. With the flexibility of solution inbuilt to the standard each application is a bespoke platform for the built environment. The Open World Technology Group constantly reviews trends through its analysis of real time data and allows for a proactive response before any identifiable failure is experienced by the buildings users

Cost effective in a world where the current pandemic has left many businesses searching for a solution and providing a route map to increased customer satisfaction and wellbeing. The Open World Technology Group is a vital piece of the jigsaw in supporting the world to overcome some challenging statistics

800,000 people a year globally die due to poor Indoor Air Quality in the workplace

Poor Indoor Air Quality is the 4th largest risk to health in the UK

Indoor Air Quality impacts the UK economy by £2.7b due to falling productivity

Illness and absenteeism costs UK business £77m annually

A recent Europe wide survey showed that 72% of the current workforce want to work in a well building

62% of buildings certified as being a well workplace saw their values increase

The Open World Technology Group is the only proactive, cloud based, mobile sanitisation and audit platform using state of the art technology and science to improve the well being of the built environment and the people within it. One platform, one solution, The Open World Technology Group

Redefining hygiene in aviation
HECOSOL® at the 22nd Annual Ground Handling International Conference in Copenhagen

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