Complete Solution

After the Covid-19 pandemic, all businesses, public health & educational facilities and numerous other sectors will need to reassure their employees, clients, customers and visitors that their built environments are safe from harmful airborne and surface bacteria in order to keep viruses as bay

The VELVET Monitoring Platform provides a Complete Solution: Sanitise – Protect – Monitor – Maintain

Ozone to Sanitise

TiTANO® coating provides up to 12 months Protection

The VELVET Platform Monitor crucially identifies potential problems

HENCO 9090 to Maintain

With the VELVET Monitoring Platform you are just a few simple steps away from providing a healthier, cleaner environment for your employees, clients and for the planet

Sustainable Strategy by TOWTG

Occupational Health & Wellbeing

Neutralises bacteria, fungi, and viruses

Coronavirus neutralised after 20 minutes of landing on a treated surface

Kills 99.9% of germs

Environment & De-carbonisation

Reduces acidification that harms sensitive ecosystems

Protects against climate change and helping towards net zero emissions


Self-cleaning, bio-static equates to less cleaning and maintenance:

Less cleaning

Less material

Less water

Less energy

Real Time Monitoring

Providing a clear and accurate real-time view of how effective the application of TiTANO® has been on each and every surface

Generating Optimal Confidence

Generate confidence in a safe, hygienic environment to regain customers/ passengers/clients and to reassure employees

Greatly reduces the concentration of germs on high-touch surfaces on board/ venues/ indoor & outdoor

Cost Effective

Major decrease in extra Cleaning Cost

Major increase in Hygiene

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