Smart-Active Virucide Disinfectant

Corona X

Long-lasting, Verifiable, Cost-effective protection

The Corona X is a game changer in disinfectants, with gradual and slow-released virucide that keeps surfaces virus-clean for 3 days. Corona X has an inherent feature that allows a rapid detection of blind spots and a visualising that if its protection is still active. Corona X is the only existing sterilisation solution that guarantees an immediate, long-lasting, and verifiable mitigation of any potential infection in public spaces by the constantly active steriliser mechanism. Long-lasting protection - Slow release disinfectant with active virucide ingredient that keeps surfaces virus clean for 72 hours Verifiable protection – The uniformity, blind-spots and irritation of Corona X on surfaces is detectable by a simple and cost-effective system Cost-effective protection - Reduces workspace expenses for sanitising public buildings, hospitals, waiting rooms and any business that relies on heavy human traffic