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Advanced carbon-based security markers and tracers

Is your onsite cleaning regime really effective? How do you currently perform quality/coverage tests on the cleaning that your maintenance teams have carried out? Do you have any means to verify the quality of the cleaning activities carried out by your own employees or external contractors? No visual inspection can verify the actual quality/coverage of your cleaning. Quantum Dotz is a game changer in this respect. Quantum Dotz is a carbon-based additive and tracing system that can be added to disinfectants (Such as CoronaX) which enables facility managers to trace and visualise where those disinfectants have been applied and more importantly, where they have not! Quantum Dotz is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly and is both colourless and odourless and it has no effect on the efficacy of the solution that it is added to. The Quality Assurance process:

This increases visitor safety and confidence by verifying the uniform coverage of the onsite cleaning regime in tracing blind spots and material dispersion during the disinfection operation. It verifies the work of employees or external contractors through the proactive audit of the cleaning regime being undertaken on site. No paper based self-audit can provide this level of assurance.

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