HENCO 9090 ® Activated Water

HENCO 9090® Activated Water is the product of a special electrolysis of mineralised water and is produced by an ECA machine which converts the water into efficient biocide using electricity. The active component of HENCO 9090® Activated Water is free chlorine (HOCl), which is the most effective chlorine disinfectant in liquid form

HENCO 9090® Activated Water/free chlorine is pH neutral

Free chlorine is naturally produced in the body to fight inflammatory conditions

It is made of water, salt and a little power. It is the world’s most effective liquid disinfectant. Harmless, environmentally friendly and effective. No risk of bacterial immunity. No risk of skin and mucosal problems

HENCO 9090® Activated Water does not emit toxic chlorine gas or other toxic gases

Efficiency: Has wider antimicrobial spectrum than any other biocides and stronger effect

The world's best and most effective liquid disinfectant

General disinfection and cleaning

Harmless to humans, animals and the environment

A highly effective disinfectant that effectively kills microorganisms

Approved for use without subsequent rinsing

Free chlorine which is also naturally produced in the body to fight inflammatory conditions

No microorganisms have survived the encounter with HENCO 9090® Activated Water and no microorganisms that form resistance



Kitchens and canteens


Food outlets and bars

Hotel and Leisure facilities

Reception and public areas

Health, dental clinics and hospitals

Care homes

Schools and Nurseries

Transport systems



Environmental credentials

Low Carbon Footprint

Natural & sustainable solution inputs – salt & water

No synthetic chemicals in solution.


Non-hazardous to macro-organisms and environment

Safe drain disposable

Environmentally sensitive and sustainable

Produced by macro-organisms (including humans) as a natural defence compound against infection and is created in vivo when the human immune system destroys pathogens

Benefit Summary

Cleans and disinfects in single solution

Environmentally sensitive and sustainable

Highly effective

Safe and natural

Easy to generate and use

Multi-purpose uses

Non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergenic

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