Innovative Air Purification


Air Healing The Right Way.

  1. Filters out all dust and particles (PM) to a MERV 19 level (highest rating achievable).
  2. Destroys all microbes, including viruses, with maximum germicidal UVC light and Advanced PCO technology.
  3. Safely neutralizes all VOCs in a photocatalytic oxidation chamber designed by a NASA Dual Use Technology Partner.
  4. Returns crystal clean air to the interior environment.
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Portable, Smart, Efficient

The newest, most advanced technology, in air purification. The Icon is a portable air healing unit that eradicates 99% of all viruses, bacteria and odours including COVID-19. The system requires minimum maintenance and is a simple plug and go operation.

The innovative air purification technology effectively retains particulates (PM), and destroys and neutralizes harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and microorganisms. Leaving rooms with air at purity levels normally seen in a hospital operating theatre.

The CoVid-19 pandemic has seen a significant increase in the use of disinfectants every day. Despite the obvious benefit – killing harmful microbes, the downside is the delivery of harmful VOC’s to our Indoor Air. The ICon Pro is the solution improving indoor air quality in a living or working space with its innovative FS-ACT technology.

With coverage up to 500sqm per unit it is ideal for medical facilities, educational facilities such as schools and universities, hotels and hospitality, offices and sporting locations.

There are some startling statistics surrounding Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) with poor IAQ being the 4th largest risk to health in the UK. IAQ impacts the UK economy by £2.7b due to falling productivity and illness. A recent Europe wide survey showed that 72% of people want to work in a well building.