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With easily swappable and customisable sensor modules, our monitors are built for all needs and environments. Need to measure a specific parameter or pollutant? We have you covered.


Multiple Tests, One System.

Using one instrument platform to collect, analyse and report data from multiple quality indicators. Our chosen system provides accurate, quality monitoring for numerous industrial applications.

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Fully integrated monitoring with The Open World Technology Group

Monitoring will be carried out on a continuous basis within the facility with real-time data being fed back to both The Open World Technology Group Platform database and as an option, to the facility BMS (Building Management System).

We will use smart indoor air quality monitors situated throughout the facility. Some will be fixed in place and some portable.

The monitors are customisable using different indoor sensors, however they would typically be monitoring PM, TVOC, CO2 as well as temperature and humidity.

ATP results will be monitored using cutting-edge technology suited to the dashboard.

The Open World Technology Group dashboard will be accessible online. Using smart air monitors that are situated throughout the facility enables us to display the air quality of a given facility in real-time. The dashboard will also display cleaning regime compliance, surface cleanliness data and an overall rating for each room, facility-and city/area. This data will be available to all stakeholders including facility managers, government, Crown administrators and other approved parties. Many monitors will be fixed in place while some will be portable and can function on both WiFi or GSM systems.

In the event that a negative variation is detected, this will be highlighted and the facility management team can take the necessary corrective action.