The Open World Technology Group (TOWTG) in partnership with HECOSOL, Germany, delivers a complete sanitising solution to keep viruses, bacteria, and odours at bay. A safe simple and cost- effective innovation that creates cleaner and healthier air

After pre-sanitising with our Ozone destruct unit our operatives apply TiTANO ® a titanium dioxide (TiO2) based nanotechnology

Titanium dioxide has a wide scope of uses, one is that it is used in toothpaste to whiten and keep teeth cleaned

The application is a transparent, non-toxic coating. The TiO2 is sprayed onto surfaces and self-cleans both the surface and the air surrounding the applied area. The photo-catalytic surface creates powerful oxidisers from oxygen and humidity that neutralises viruses, eats air pollution, inhibits algae, mould, bacteria, and allows water to run off, making indoor & outdoor treated surfaces self-cleaning

Just one application guarantees a minimum of 12-months protection

Use on Surfaces you can't avoid touching every day

The technology is applied by electrospray, which guarantees an even coating

It is odourless, transparent and abrasion resistant

The coating is compatible with stainless steel, wood, leather, stone and glass. The product can therefore easily be applied to furnishings and walls in existing facilities as well as to air conditioning systems

By creating an acidic surface with a positive charge potential, microorganisms are attracted to the surface and destroyed on contact with the coating by a structural change in the outer membrane of the germs

The coating is approx. 10 - 40 μm thick and lasts for at least one year

Tests Prove it

Tests on antimicrobial efficacy on the coating were carried out at the University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden by Prof. Bulitta

In addition, TiTANO® was tested at the Hohenstein Institute for its virucidal properties and by the University of Innsbruck for its fungicidal properties

HygCen certified the antibacterial and virucidal characteristics of TiTANO®

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