Monitoring the Air Quality of your environment

The successful management of indoor spaces and transport environments has a direct impact on health, safety, productivity, and is critical for the wellbeing of employees and visitors

It is important to give serious consideration to future proofing your environments to make them as clean, safe, and healthy as possible, and to encourage a return to normality after the Covid-19 pandemic

Real Time Data at your fingertips

The VELVET Platform provides a one stop location for the review of the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of a room, a facility, or a stadium

The Open World Technology Group (TOWTG) is giving businesses the power to reassure clients and their visitors that their built environments are safe through the deployment of a proactive audit program supported by state-of-the-art technology and smart consumables

Delivering cost effective technology driven solutions addressing the challenges of pandemics and internal air pollution

Creating a substantial return on investment through increased customer satisfaction, reduced absence and improved cognitive behavior accelerating our return to normality

Adaptable models available for stadiums, transportation, hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, real estate and many other sectors

One Platform One Solution

Pro-active live data shown on the VELVET Platform and supported by the Open World Technology Group audit and data team

The VELVET Platform provides clear performance review supported by a range of charts and graphs to show trends by task, location, or prior periods

Data can be utilised as part of a budgeting process as impact on cleaning regimes, customer satisfaction levels are tracked against the sanitisation level of the facilities

Customer satisfaction and levels are tracked against the sanitisation level of the facilities

Sense every Minute

Indoor Air Quality

The VELVET Platform utilises IAQ monitors which mitigate issues caused by VOCs, CO2, Humidity and Temperature by collecting data for these parameters every minute of every day

Real Time Data

The VELVET Platform provides unique analysis from each location. Empower your facilities to notify your employees of changing conditions

Build confidence with your workforce and customers, keeping your colleagues and clientele in the know when it matters the most

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